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As a business owner, every transaction is the most important transaction. That's why Farmers Deposit Bank has partnered with BancCard to offer you a credit and debit card processing solution to meet your business needs and to make every transaction important.

Meet BancCard - The Transaction Company

"From our founding in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee, we have been focused on restoring the trusted, one-to-one relationship that has historically characterized the banking industry. Our committment is simple--outstanding customer service from a team of seasoned, professional salespeople. We like being refreshingly human. Our team understands the technology world and the needs of our customers, enabling us to deliver the most sophisticated, secure and reliable systems for our customers. They are well trained and committed to your service. And we are strategically aligned with the top three processors in the industry, assuring you of the best systems available".

Merchant Card Services
- Quick customer response
- Competitive pricing
- Onsite set up and staff training
- Set up tailored to customer needs
- FREE Consultative visit
- FREE Analysis for existing merchants
- Online reporting
- 24-hour Customer service

For more information or to get started today, call us at (606) 787-0700 to schedule your onsite visit!